Remembering Dad 1916-2008

Dad’s Memorial Services – 15 March 2008

Dad’s Memorial Services were held on Saturday, 15 March 2008, in the sanctuary of his & Mom’s church, New Covenant United Church of Christ in Williamsport, PA – where today, both his and Mom’s ashes are interred together. A Navy man, Dad received a final salute from his Grandson, USMC LCPL Thomas Gathman.

Six months later to the day, all three of his sons, Rusty, Rick and Randy – along with two of his Grandsons, Chris & Jason – descended by float plane into The North Maine Woods to scatter some of Dad’s ashes at one of his favorite locales: The Summit of Mount Katahdin. Dad had travelled the world, yet he never outgrew his lifelong love affair with Maine’s rustic mountain which he’d first climbed as a young college student at Stevens Institute of Technology. He’d returned on numerous occasions and introduced all five of his children to the love of Katahdin – and America’s clean outdoors.

Scattering Dad’s Ashes On Katahdin

The boys set out together to make the above-timber-line climb of the mountain on 17 September 2008. Randy and Chris scrambled to the remote summit of Baxter Peak, and carefully placed one of Dad’s favorite hats at the foot of the infamous sign – the very spot which receives the USA’s first stroke of sunlight each morning –  and scattered Dad’s ashes on the hallowed grounds where they can remain for eternity.

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