Mildred Deihl Gathman – “Mom”

February 3rd Is Mom’s Birthday & We’re Remembering Her Today – Click


WORLD TRAVELER. Mom loved her travels to exotic lands. Though she was content to be at home with her family, whenever opportunities arose to travel, Mom was always an eager adventurer. She and Dad got to travel the world to such places as Europe, South America, Africa, Hawaii (shown here) and The Holy Land.

Mom's Wedding Day, 24 April 1943

THE BEAUTIFUL BRIDE – MOM NEVER LOST HER OUTER OR INNER BEAUTY. Dad knew he had quite a catch when he and Mom began their life together on 24 April 1943. Born and raised in Williamsport, PA, she didn’t hesitate to follow him to California when his unit shipped off for The South Pacific. She awaited him on the West Coast until his return after the War.

Mom with Marty, Rusty and little Ricky

With their return to Williamsport after the War, Mom ran their growing family and household as "Chief Operating Officer" as Dad's professional career often took him out of town on extended business trips. With her brilliant mind, quiet spirit, unflappable resolve, and patient undying love for her children and family, she made everything work for all of us at home.

Easter Sunday 2000 in the backyard at 311 Arch Street

TOGETHER FOR MORE THAN 65 YEARS. Mom and Dad were each other's strongest supporters throughout their strong marriage together. For most of those years, Dad was the provider and Mom the household manager. In their final few years, Mom was his Rock, providing support for Dad with her characteristic enduring patience and love.

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