Remembering Mom 1921-2008


Mom’s Memorial Services – 11 May 2008

Mom’s Memorial Services were held on Saturday, 11 May 2008, eight weeks to the day after we said goodbye to Dad in the same sanctuary of their church, New Covenant United Church of Christ in Williamsport, PA, where Mom & Dad’s ashes are interred together. Two days later, both of her daughters, Marty and Betsy – along with their husbands (Gary and Larry) and their brother Rick and Mom’s grandaughter Carolyn – journeyed together into Pennsylvania’s Endless Mountains to also scatter some of Mom’s ashes (and even a little bit of Dad’s) at one of her favorite locales: Eagles Mere. Mom had travelled the world, yet she never outgrew her lifelong love affair with the tiny mountain community and lake where she and Dad had enjoyed their very first date together in 1941, where they had honeymooned together in 1943, and where they had vacationed together with their five kids for many, many perfect summers.

Scattering Mom’s Ashes At Eagles Mere

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