The Trip To Maine 2008



DAD’S LAST RESTING PLACE. Rusty, Rick, and Randy Gathman – all three of David W. Gathman’s sonstraveled to The Maine North Woods to spend the final week of summer together (week of 15-21 September 2008). Their mission: to honor their Dad’s last request, and scatter his ashes atop the summit of Mount Katahdin, the very special place for which he enjoyed a life-long passion. They were joined by Chris Gathman and Jason Gathman. The trip included a week-long fishing expedition to Bradford Camps. Nestled quietly in the deep northern shadows of Dad’s beloved Mount Katahdin, the camp hugs the beautiful and remote Munsungun Lake. (Above: Katahdin rises to the heavens beneath a clear September-morning sky)


SOME OF THE WORLD’S FINEST FLY-FISHING. The trip to Maine was also a chance to revisit long-time friendships with Bradford Camp’s owners, Igor and Karen Sikorsky, as well as Master Maine Guide, Dick Mosur (among others), all of whom recounted warm remembrances of Dad’s many excursions to their remote rustic camp. (Above: Rusty gets set for an early morning cast on Little-Pleasant.)

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